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Comparative Market Analysis Terrebonne

From the comparative market analysis in Terrebonne to closing your home sale, your needs are our priority. When it comes to selling your home, you need a team that supports your interests while ensuring that we can meet buyers’ needs too. Giving them that assurance is the best way to sell your home fast. And we can help that along through extensive marketing of a beautiful listing.

But first, we must begin by learning about your situation. Tell us your selling timeframe, motives, and relocation plans. We’ll design an action plan of how to proceed throughout each step of the selling process. And the first step will be conducting your CMA. By comparing your home to others, we’ll be able to learn its fair market value and who your target audience of buyers will likely be.

When we conduct a comparative market analysis in Terrebonne on your home, we’re in it for the long haul. You won’t get the same experience by getting a home value assessment from a formal appraiser or online value generator. Neither option will help you sell your home, not to mention the former is too expensive, and the latter is also inaccurate. Our CMA is free, thorough, and part one of the entire home sale.

I’m real estate broker Carol Swendsen with Beyond the Ranch, and we know how to identify how much your home is worth better than anyone. We’ll inspect your home for areas to repair or upgrade, and we’ll account for its age, location, size, structure, space, rooms, lot size, and much more when comparing it to homes in your area. We leave no stone unturned for you, so call us today.

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