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You’ll come to know as a Redmond first-time seller that the best way to close on a quick home sale at the highest price is with us by your side. Our ultimate knowledge and skills are critical when guiding you through the path to a successful home sale. And you can count on our tools and resources to help you answer questions. I’m real estate broker Carol Swendsen, and you can trust my team at Beyond the Ranch.

As your guides, we’re able to put ourselves in your shoes and anticipate the steps. Not only have we personally been there before, but we’ve guided countless other homeowners selling their homes for the first time. We’ve designed our approach in a way that we offer simple, straightforward answers to questions and solutions to problems. And we’ll be at your side throughout each step of the process.

Any Redmond first-time seller will want to know what’s going on during the valuation, listing, marketing, home tours, negotiations, and closing. And we’re here to manage each step. Let’s start with a CMA to learn your home’s value and asking price. We’ll assist with staging, photography, and creating your listing. Then we’ll market it across digital and traditional channels to invite potential buyers for tours.

Once buyers fall in love with your home, they'll make competitive offers to purchase, and we'll take the best one among them to the negotiating table. Even though it's your first time, we don't want you feeling left in the dark or confused about anything. It's a significant transaction and not one that you want to take lightly. Call us today when you need expert representation to help you close on a successful first home sale.

Tips for a first-time seller: https://www.thebalance.com/mega-tips-for-a-first-time-home-seller-4057383

  • Any Redmond first-time seller can trust Beyond the Ranch!

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